Rooted in Faith




PASTORAL COUNCIL- The fourth Cluster Pastoral Council (CPC) meeting of this year was held on November 28, 2017.  The council discussed the creation of a new development position to meet the needs of St. Joan of Arc.  The Parish Council enjoyed presentations about Fair Trade Coffee and the new cluster Parish App.  Fr. Mike announced that the archbishop has decided to offer him an additional two-year contract to remain at St. Joan of Arc and St. Catherine of Alexandria cluster parishes.

HUMAN CONCERNS COMMISSION - Our next service week for Family Promise starts on April 1st Easter day.  The next food collection is Sunday Jan 14th.  Health and Wholeness is looking for more help delivering Communion to Shorehaven each week.  We have three Grants being sent out this month to Just Ministries, The Camo Quilt Project, and Upendo Village.  We are planning a HCC retreat on May 8th.  Bill Frederick and Mary Sue will present for us.

WORSHIP COMMISSION - The season of Advent and Christmas were reviewed.  The initial planning for Lent/Easter was addressed.

STEWARDSHIP COMMISSION - Opening Group Prayer. Pledge reports shared. Brainstormed on how to make campaign have a visual aspect next time with campaign.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION COMMISSION - School families have received an open invitation to join the Christian Formation Family and Youth programs.  Families that have attended have enjoyed the community spirit and the parent formation opportunities.  Our youth in the Y-Fam and TAG groups are joining in parish ministries and will be assisting with the SJA School Carnival and Mardi Gras Pasta Dinner.

SC FINANCE COMMISSION - The Finance Council reviewed the October and November financial statements.  While these financials report a shortfall in contributions, our January bulletin reports reflect contributions in excess of budget.  This excess reflects, to some extent, parishioners taking advantage of the tax law changes by accelerating 2018 contributions into 2017.  Analysis of where we are with respect to contributions requires careful consideration of this situation.  Our analysis concludes that we are short of the contributions budget at January 7 by approximately $5,000.  Pledges to date for 2018 are behind last year in the number of pledgers and the amount pledged.  We need to encourage more parishioners to pledge.

SJ FINANCE COMMISSION - The meeting began with a prayer led by Fr. Mike. Current financial statements, regular contribution and cash flow summaries were reviewed. A tuition proposal for the 2018-19 school year was presented by Holly Cerveny and approved by the full council.

SC FINANCE COMMISSION - The Finance Council reviewed the August and September financial statements. Collections continue to run short of budget into September and through October. Hopefully, the current stewardship program “Reflect Christ; Live Stewardship” will provide the incentive that the Parish needs to bring our contribution budget into balance. Our aging physical plant continues to need repairs particularly in the HVAC function in most of our buildings. We have been fortunate to be able to cover those needs with funds provided by the bequest we received last year. We are also reviewing the sound system requirements for our church and will incur expenditures for needed improvements.

HUMAN CONCERNS COMMISSION - Amy and Martice from “just ministries” made a twenty minute presentation describing the services offered by their organization – healing services and peace and justice services. Reports were presented for on-going HCC projects. Reports were presented on seasonal projects - Thanksgiving Food Drive and the Advent Giving Tree.

SJ FINANCE COMMISSION - Current financial statements, regular contribution and cash flow summaries were reviewed. A discussion was held regarding various tuition marketing incentives for increased enrollment for SJOA School.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION COMMISSION - Youth Ministry events are off to a great start! TAG (Totally Awesome Gathering) attendees watched a movie while enjoying pizza, popcorn and refreshments. The movie was followed with discussion in where they saw God work throughout the movie and who resembled Jesus. Y-FAM (Youth Fulfilling a Mission) packed 110 bags with personal care items for the homeless.

WORSHIP COMMISSION - The Liturgical Commission worked on the upcoming Advent and Christmas season. The mission with Dan Schutte is coming up in December 10-12th. Come join us.

STEWARDSHIP COMMISSION - Joe Strazishar was our guest speaker and was highlighting the new website and stewardship tab.  Pledge cards for SJOA 114% and SCOA at 112% for returned number of cards to date. The group worked on the thank you card for Nov and Dec .

SCHOOL COMMISSION- The Commission continues to have discussions on marketing and the plans for going forward. We discussed enrollment for 2017-2018 school year. School Commission will continue to discuss ways to market the school to a bigger community and reaching a broader audience.

SJ FINANCE COUNCIL- The meeting began with a prayer led by Fr. Mike. Current financial statements, regular contribution and cash flow summaries were reviewed. A discussion was held concerning the timing of annual matching fund drive and the possibility of starting it on Easter Sunday of next year.

HUMAN CONCERNS- We are preparing for Thanksgiving food collections and Advent tree project. All missions seem to be moving along. The school kids collected $1000.00 for Sarnelli House. We accepted a proposal to look into switching to Fair Trade Coffee in our parish events

PASTORAL COUNCIL- The second Cluster Pastoral Council (CPC) meeting of this year was held on September 26, 2017. The council received a review about the successes of the St. Catherine’s day festival, announced the School’s annual auction event on November 11th, 2017, and highlighted plans to celebrate the 170th Anniversary of St. Catherine’s parish on November 18-19th, 2017 as well as the parish mission set for December 10th, 2017.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION COMMISSION- All of the Christian Formation programs from child to adult are active and off to a great start! Please check the calendars for times and information.

SC FINANCE COUNCIL- The Council approved the “Annual Report to the Parish” which will be included with the September 30, 2017 contribution statements to be mailed around October 15. The raffle results were presented. We sold 2,226 tickets which will produce a net result of $48,675, just under budget. The Council considers this as an excellent outcome. Festival results are in process of accumulation. The Council thanks all involved for their significant efforts. The Council is hopefully optimistic that our parish will remain financially strong with the help of our generous and loving parishioners.

HUMAN CONCERNS COMMISSION- We supported Family Promise at Christ the King this week. The Mass in the Park went well and we collected lots of food for a Food Pantry. SVDP groups are participating in serving meals in the community. Thanksgiving food collections and Advent tree tags are being planned out.

SJ FINANCE COMMISSION- The meeting began with a prayer led by Fr. Mike. Current financial statements, regular contribution and cash flow summaries were reviewed.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION COMMISSION- There is much excitement for upcoming year’s family, youth and adult programs including the new Youth Ministry scheduled TAG gatherings and Y-FAM service projects. Everyone is welcome! Please check the website, bulletins, and brochures for more information regarding the programs.

WORSHIP COMMISSION- We discussed the new Promulgated Order of Celebrating Matrimony.  The easiest change would be to start with the cantor’s role but felt that implementing all the changes might be overwhelming to the congregation.  More guidance from the Archdioceses is needed to implementing changes so that all Catholic churches are doing the same.