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Dear Friends,

 All of us find ourselves on very unfamiliar and a bit shaky ground. We are facing many uncertainties and this can raise anxiety and stress in our homes. Children are home, structure and routine have been dismantled, and our outlets of gathering with friends and our faith community have been put on hold. However, the need for personal connections is still so very necessary. We just need to create a new space. I have an idea.

 I would be happy to schedule a remote/visual connection with you and or your family (I am a ZOOM fan but I am open to using another platform). I am happy to be part of your children’s/family schedule! If you are interested in having me bring Christian Formation into your home schooling curriculum/ routine, I would be honored to do just that. Not only can we move forward with daily projects, I can meet 1 to 2 times weekly remotely. Also, if you need an ear, parenting/family support, please reach out.

 In addition, each day I will be proving an email connection. I will title these messages: A Little Light: Daily Musings with Mary Sue. I hope you will find them helpful, insightful, and fun. There will be a section for everyone!  Please remember you are not alone. Your St. Catherine and St. Joan of Arc connections are still very much a part of your lives.  I can get your children/family on my schedule as soon as I hear from you!

God’s blessings my friends. Remember always, we are one!

Mary Sue Reutebuch            Director of Family and Youth Formation   


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