Bread Making Ministry (at St Joan)

Contact: Kathy Strazishar / EMAIL 

Description: Individuals and families prepare in their homes the Eucharistic bread for weekend liturgies, school liturgies and special occasions. There is a one-time training in how to prepare the bread. A week before people are assigned to prepare the bread, they pick up a kit at church that contains materials needed to make the bread.Bakers are responsible to buy the ingredients. A schedule is made yearly. Typically, people are assigned to bake bread 2 to 4 times per year.

NOTE: This ministry is only at St Joan of Arc.

Accomplishments: The experience is best summed up in the prayer we ask the bread baker to say as part of their baking:

Bread of Life,
Come into these simple ingredients,
Wheat of nourishment, 
Water of life,
Salt of the earth.
Bless them and make them holy, 
that they might be fit to become your body. 
Through the work of my hands
may I find a renewed presence of you in my life. 
And may those that consume this bread through your holy sacrifice 
experience your profound presence in their lives as well. 
I pray for this in the name of Jesus Christ the Bread of Life. 

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