Rooted in Faith


“Fundraising while you shop”

Scrip turns everyday shopping into fundraising for SJOA just by paying with a gift card.

Instead of paying cash or using credit/debit cards, purchase Scrip cards (gift cards) and use them for your regular household expenses, for vacations, and traveling.  Select from a wide variety of restaurants, gas stations, hotels, department stores, movie theaters and specialty stores.  When family and friends take advantage of the scrip program, SJOA earns profit!

Here’s how it works.  Scrip is a national gift certificate fundraising program.  Consumers purchase gift cards at face value through the scrip program but will earn an immediate rebate percentage for SJOA that’s typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer.  Then the consumer will use that gift card on their normal purchases.  No extra money was spent!  It’s fundraising while you shop!  For example:  A Pick N Save card valued at $100 has a 4% donation rate.  When this card is purchased through SCRIP, $4 is donated to SJOA.  When this gift card is redeemed at a Pick N Save store, the value of received merchandise is $100.

And now,  St. Catherine takes orders for Scrip gift cards before and after the 5 PM Saturday and 9 AM Sunday Masses.

CONTACT: SCHOOL OFFICE at 262-646-5821 or PARISH OFFICE:  262-646-8078