As with all else in our Cluster Website and App, we welcome your input on the tools themselves! They were built from the virtual ground up in late 2017. We used the services of Liturgical Publications, which also publishes our weekly Bulletins. Using LPI makes for a seamless integration of the three products.

The development and design team is made up of three parish members: Brienna Wagner, Jenny Mentzer, and Joe Strazishar. We hoped to build an interactive website which is always fresh and tools worth regularly going back to, even with the myriad of apps and sites available to invest your time. Our work was built on four principles: INVITATION, FORMATION, INFORMATION, and PARTICIPATION. We hope our parish members can use this for personal growth and for helping grow our parish communities.

In November 2020, we established a 4 person team to take primary responsibility of website content. Jenny Mentzer and Joe Strazishar are carryovers from the original group. Mary Jackson and Joanna Vanderhoef wer added to complete this new team.

That said, we know a website and its companion app are never finished, but always need to evolve. So PLEASE let us know of ways we can improve them, of any errors you find, of technical issues, and of any other suggestions you have to fine tune them.

CLICK [email protected] to get in touch with us ---- Thanks!