We announce those in our parishes that entered into a New Life. 

Keep them, their families, and friends in your prayers.



At the death of a Christian, whose life of faith was begun in the waters of Baptism and strengthened at the Eucharistic table, the Church intercedes on behalf of the deceased because of its confident belief that death is not the end, nor does it break the bonds forged in life. The Church also ministers to the sorrowing and consoles them in the funeral rites with the comforting Word of God and the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  (From "The Order of Christian Funerals")

Life Notices




With sadness we announce the sudden death of our longtime St. Joan of Arc parishioner, Ralph Spindler at age 89.  Ralph was a very active member of the parish serving on  variety of parish committees including the SJOA cemetery and building and grounds.  Funeral arrangements are pending until family can travel to Wisconsin.  We will keep our parishes informed once we have the deatials. 

For our beloved Ralph and all who died in the peace of Christ may they find rest in his kingdom of light and peace.   Amen 




With sadness we announce the death of St. Joan of Arc parishioner Josephine Kolinski.  She died November 2, 2022 at the age of 98. Josephine served our parish in many ways, most notably as a minister of hospitality after 10:30 Sunday Mass. She lived life to the fullest and was dedicated to her God, family and church.  Her funeral services are scheduled for Thursday, November 10, 2022 Visitaton at 10:00 with Mass of Chritian Burial at 11:00.  Full obituary to follow once it is published. 


November 2 (All Souls Day) is the day the Church sets aside to pray for all the dead who have gone before us.  Our prayer and work on earth can be a tribute to those who have died, just as their love is a blessing for the living.  Love survives even death. 

This year our All Souls celebration will be at the Masses the weekend of November 5 and 6.  We will remember all the deceased members of our parishes, with special recognition for those who have died this past year having their picture in a place of honor on the steps of our Jacob’s ladder (the ladder that leads to God).  We also include relatives and friends of parish members who also died during the past year. The Masses this weekend are at 5PM on Saturday at St. Joan of Arc.  On Sunday, 8:00 Mass at St. Joan of Arc and 10:00 am at St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Please see the names on the 2022 Jacob's Ladder for each parish below:


St. Catherine of Alexandria, Mapleton WI


Robert “Bob” Schultz                August 18, 2021          Husband of Carol

James Huber                              October 27, 2021         Husband of Joyce

Charlotte V. Frederick               October 27, 2021         Wife of Albert

John “Jack” Scully                     October 28, 2021         Husband of MaryAnn

Dennis P. Griswold                   November 5, 2021       Husband of Patricia

Michael A. Counsell                  November 5, 2021       Husband of Mary Ellen

Thorlough Meier                        November 18, 2021     Father of Amy Siesennop

John Michael Straka                  January 5, 2022           Husband of Karen

Leonard “Lenny” Loffredo        January 6, 2022           Husband of Janet

Laura M. Murray                       January 13, 2022         Wife of Brad

Richard M. Smith                      January 19, 2022         Father of Mark Smith

David Randall Stormo               February 27, 2022       Husband of Kim

Roy A. Hackbart                        February 24, 2022       Father of Liz Arsnow

Rose Marie Nettesheim              March 17, 2022           Mother of John Nettesheim

Susan D. Bacskai                       March 22, 2022         Mother of Amy Achtenhagan

Bruce F. Fobian                         April 29, 2022             Husband of Susan

Wayne Kressin                          May 13, 2022              Husband of Joan

Juan Leon Guerrero Bamba       May 29, 2022              Father of Chance, Gina

William Brunner                        June 14, 2022              Husband of Marge

Betty Mayer                               July 4, 2022                 Mother of Randy

Kate M. Sherman                       July 24, 2022               Sister of Joe Czarnecki

Marian E. Judkins                      July 31, 2022               Wife of Phil

Donald J. Lippiatt                      August 31, 2022          Husband of Ann

Robert “Bob” Ireland                 September 03, 2022     Husband of Donna

Carol A. Commodore                September 09, 2022     Wife of Jim

Friends and Family of Parishioners

William M. “Bill” Ellis              December 01, 2021        Father of Tom Ellis

Timothy K. Navin                     January 14, 2022            Son of Jim Navin

Jacob R. Schmidt                       January 19, 2022            Friend of Bill Frederick

Anthony Kerhin                         July 7, 2022                    Brother of Pat Celek

David Eugene Marvin                August 19, 2022             Father of Andi Merfeld

Rosemary Lupo                         September 9, 2022        Mother of Bunny Wolheim

Ronald Schnurr                         September 21, 2022        Uncle of Bill Frederick

Judith Ann Schulte                    September 26, 2022       Mother of Debbi Brehm

St. Joan of Arc


Fr. James Loehr                          11/6/21      former SJOA Pastor

Dorothy Unertl                           11/10/21    mother of Denise Hansen

Carl Patrinos                               11/12/21    godfather of Tony Capazzo

Ramona Zellner                          12/14/21    mother of Robert Hoya

James Zainer                              12/15/21`   husband of Mary Zainer

Angela Jacobi                             12/28/21    sister of Diane Knutson

James Miller                               1/18/22      husband of Mary Miller

Ralph Russo                                2/4/22        father of Vera Carlson

Della Russo                                 2/10/22      mother of Vera Carlson

Helen Tickanen                           2/6/22        mother of Leann Gronowski

Theodore Nickolai                       2/24/22      husband of Jeanette Nikolai

Charmaine Mocadlo                     2/25/22      cousin of June May/Sharon Collins

Karen Kangas                              3/5/22        mother of Kurt and Kirk Kangas

Tracy Ann Ballenger                    4/1/22        daughter of Greg and Jan Ballenger

Blaine Sidders                             5/2/22        husband of Kathy Sidders

Paul Johnson                               5/16/22      brother of Joan Johnson

Jim Hackett                                5/16/22      wife of Teresa Hackett

Marilyn Serio                               5/28/22      sister of Dennis Scherbath

Marilyn Vanier                             5/30/22      sister of Susan Mileau

Michael Arndt                              6/2/22        husband of Maggie Arndt

Mary Alyce Hahn                         7/6/22        mother of Amy Nowag

Ray Heim                                    7/8/22        husband of Betty Heim

Roy Adkins                                  7/26/22      father of Bill Adkins

Jay Maynor                                  7/28/22      father of Dwight Maynor

James Robertson                        8/11/22      husband of Christine Robertson

KC (Kathryn) Kleinhenz               8/20/22      mother of Jake Dryer

Jeanne Elliott                              9/1/22        mother of Beth Wosick

Stephanie Pavlons                       9/9/22        daughter of Richard and Georgiann

Sandra Blazek                             9/23/22      wife of John Blazek

Arlene Scaff                                9/24/22      mother of Bob, Dave, Robin

Family and Friends


Rebecca Frink                             10/10/21    former parishioner of Fr. Mike

Veronica Tryba                            11/4/21      grandmother of Kurt Vanderhoef

James Strachota                         11/18/21    uncle to Fr. Mike

Jean Rose                                   11/18/21     daughter-in-law to Dick/ Dolores Rose

Karolyn Coleman                         11/18/21    mother of Serena Hughes

Brother Keith Clark OFM             12/4/21      Capuchin friend

John Dugan                                 12/9/21      brother to Mary Merz

Lois Marie Marzu Bertrand          12/14/21    mother to Nate, Wyatt, Camille, Owen

Fr. Richard Thibodeau CSsR        1/16/22      Redemptorist priest friend

Rev. Paul Dicks                           2/7/22        father of Clare Dicks

William Suha                               4/7/22        brother of Peg Parsons

Bob Camara                                4/17/22      father of Angie Tjugum

Fr. Richard Hart                           5/14/22      friend of Larry Normann

Avery Jezo-Sywluka                    5/18/22      friend of Ellen Heitman

Samantha Lopez                          6/21/22      friend of Ellen Heitman

Thomas Dantzman                       6/26/22      father of Mary Beth Nehls

David Hucke                                8-2022       father of Mike Hucke

Bill Heinrich                                8/21/22      family member of Brad Ama

Gene Merz                                   9/20/22      brother of Norm Merz

Sr. Mary Beth Glueckstein           9/30/22      friend of Ellen Heitman

Agnes Galle                                 10/14/22    aunt of Mary Ann Sears

Louise Lynch                               10/16/22    mother of Barb Hoover

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed-Rest in Peace.




Bill Brannan

We announce the death of St. Joan of Arc Parishioner, Bill Brannan.  Bill died on Saturday, October 22 at the age of 82 after a long battle with cancer.  He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Patricia , three daughters Peggy (Steve), Linda  (Jeremy) and Katy(Joe) ,7 grandchildren and 2 sister Mary Beth and Barb.  Bill and Pat are longtime members of the parish and active in many different ministries and events. Bill's smiling Irish face and willingness to serve others will be dearly missed . Please keep the entire Brannan family in prayer.

His funeral is Wednesday, November 2 at St. Joan's: Visitation 9 am-11am followed by the Mass of Christian Burial at 11:00 am.

Please click the link below for a full obituary: 


With sadness we announce the unexpected death of  our St. Catherine of Alexandria  parishioner, Michael Shawn O'Connor on October 20, 2022 at the age of 56. Mike is survived by his loving wife of 25 years, Eileen; his three beautiful children, Caitlyn, Jack and Charlie; his mother, Lucille; sisters, Kathy (Dick) Dagastino, Sherry (Bruce) Welle, Deb (John) Haselman and Michelle (Jim) Pierre; brother, Rick; god-daughter, Courtney Pierre; along with many more loving family and friends.  A man so full love and humor will be deeply missed by all.  Please keep Mike and his family and friends in prayer.

His funeral is Saturday, October 29, 2022 at St. Catherine of Alexandria, Mapleton with visitation at 10:00 am followed by the Mass of Christian Burial at 11:00 am.

Please click the link below for the full obituary: