The parishes of St. Joan of Arc and St. Catherine’s are committed to the lifelong process of Christian Formation.  For adults that process allows the integration of our life experience with our faith.  A team of dedicated parishioners strive to provide opportunities for adults to continue to learn and deepen their call to discipleship.  Please contact Ellen Heitman Pastoral Associate at St. Joan of Arc at the link below for additional information regarding the opportunities listed below:

Exploring the Gospel: Prepare your mind and heart for Mass: Join us as we explore the Gospel for the upcoming weekend.  Together, let us immerse ourselves in this Scripture and discover how it's message is relevant and applicable for our lives TODAY. No advance preparation is required. Led by Youth Minister Janis Parker, we meet for one hour Tuesday evenings at 7pm or Thursday mornings at 7:30am via Zoom. Please contact Janis at to join the group.

Praying Advent and Praying Lent:  This small group experience provides time to reflect on the scriptures of the seasons of Advent and Lent and apply them to our daily lives. The group process allows the individual to share their faith, hear how others live out their faith and in turn form the bond of Christian community with one another..

Focused large group sessions: Throughout the year, we offer large group presentations designed to address current events within the larger church and as well as workshops that cover a variety of topics

Bible Study:  We offer those interested the chance to engage in an in depth study of the various books of the bible.  Both morning and evening sessions are offered in order to accommodate the needs of the parishioners.   This fall we will read "The Universal Christ" and discuss the book.  There are eight sessions beginning October 12th and ending December 2nd, both morning and evening sessions are available.  Registration is required, please sign up HERE if you have any questions please contact John Sokop at 262-443-3170.  


 To learn more, CLICK HERE to contact us.