St. Joan of Arc Parish School has adopted a mandatory uniform/dress code to further accomplish our goal of educating the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually.  This code will be enforced by the principal, faculty and staff.  Cooperation by both parents and students with this policy is essential. When students violate the dress code, parents will receive a copy of the “Parent Notification of Dress Code Violation” form.  See Appendix.

Junior Kindergarten (3K&4K) / Senior Kindergarten (5K) Dress Code

Pants:  Elastic waistband cotton pants are permitted and are easier for young children to handle. 

Girls may also wear skirts, jumpers, or dresses with an appropriate hemline.

Shirts:  Shirts should be a comfortable length. Sweaters and vests that fit comfortably are permitted.

Students in both grade levels are welcome to wear the school uniform as an option as well.

All students Grades 1-8

Shirts: Knit shirt with collar and buttons (polo style), turtleneck in white, navy blue, forest green or maize yellow (like that from Land’s End), Oxford style button down shirts.  Only the SJOA approved logo is acceptable (no other logos, emblems or insignia).  Shirts may be short or long sleeved.  No ribbed shirts, ruffles or contrasting trim.

Pants: solid color tailored uniform style pants in Navy Blue or Dark Tan/Khaki.  Cotton twill or poly blend, regular and/or elastic waistbands are acceptable.  No jean style, denim, cargo, drawstrings, hip huggers, skinny, tapered or flare pants.  No extra zippers or pockets.  Stone color not allowed.  Only full-length pants will be allowed.

Sweater/Vest: tailored uniform style cardigan or pull-over in white, navy blue or forest green.  Crew neck, V-neck and sleeveless vests are acceptable. 

Shorts: solid-colored, tailored uniform style cotton and/or poly blend in navy blue or dark tan/khaki. Shorts must come to the knee and extra zippers or pockets are not acceptable.  No cargo shorts.  Shorts may be worn in May, June and September, as well as days announced by the principal for unseasonably warm weather.

Belts optional: if worn, solid color black, brown or navy blue.  Belts must be worn with belt loops.  No studded or decorative belts will be allowed.  Belt loops may not be cut off of pants.

Girls Grades 1-8

Jumpers and Skirts: solid color navy blue or khaki plain, tailored uniform style in cotton twill and/or poly blend.  Jumpers and skirts may be no shorter than 2” above the knee.  No cargo pockets.

Plaid jumper/skirt: Campbell plaid jumper (#08811A) or skirts (#008680-two pleat or #01886A-knife pleat).  Grades 1-8 may wear jumper or skirt.  Jumpers and skirts may be no shorter than 2” above the knee. Please note that the Campbell plaid jumper and skirt are only available at The Uniform Place.

Socks/tights: with jumpers and skirts, socks or tights must be white or navy blue and may be anklets, knee socks or tights.

Leggings: may be navy blue or white and must be full length (to the ankle).  Leggings may be worn under jumpers and skirts only and may not have any lace or decorations.

Uniform items with school logos can also be purchased year round via our webstore on lands end. Click link below:


General Rules All Grade Levels

1. Uniforms must be worn on school grounds during the school day at all times unless:

  • A scout uniform may be worn on the day of a scout meeting.   
  • A non-uniform day has been announced by the principal.
  • A Spirit wear Day has been announced by the principal.  Spirit wear Days take place every week on thursdays.

2. Non-uniform day clothing is to be appropriate to a learning atmosphere.  Students may not wear offensive or inappropriate clothing.  No shirts with inappropriate logos, crop tops or sleeveless items.  Dresses, skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.

3. Uniforms are optional for Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.

4. All clothing shall be size and age appropriate.  Sloppy, baggy or tight fitting clothing is not permitted as part of the uniform, nor on non-uniform days.

5. Shoes must be safe and practical for school and playground use.                        

  • All shoes must have a heel strap.
  • No platform shoes with heels and soles higher than 1 ½ ".
  • Socks must be worn with shoes.
  • No opened toe sandals.  Closed toe sandals are allowed with socks.
  • No shoe skates.
  • Crocs are not acceptable playground shoes.

6. Shorts may not be worn on days the students attend Mass. Jeans Day/Non-uniform Day passes may not be used on days when students attend Mass.

7. No hats, caps or scarves may be worn in the building during the school day. Students who are sensitive to sunlight are allowed to wear hats during PE when outside.  Baseball hats are preferred.  Approval from the teacher must be given. 

8. Make-up is not permitted.  Girls may not wear dangling earrings.  

9.Hair must be the natural color.

10.  Students in fourth grade and up are encouraged to use deodorant.

The final determination of the acceptability of any item, whether or not  specifically covered here, shall be made by the principal.

Physical Education (PE) Dress Code

Students in Grades 4-8 are expected to change for physical education class and must adhere to this policy.

*All students grades 4K-8 are required to wear non-marking shoes for physical education class.  These shoes are to remain at school.

Shoes:  Shoes, which are activity appropriate, are needed for each individual student’s safety.  Tennis, cross training, running, and basketball shoes are all examples of acceptable shoes. Crocs or similar style shoes are not acceptable outdoor or gym shoes.

Socks:  For the safety, well-being, and comfort of each student, socks are to be worn.

Grades 4-8:

Students in Grades 4-8 must bring a change of clothes for Physical Education.  In addition to the shoe and sock requirements above, this clothing should fit the following requirements:

Shorts: must be loose-fitting, no shorter than mid-thigh, may be plain, have an athletic team logo, or have Nike, Adidas, Reebok or other shoe endorsement on them.  No denim.

T-Shirts: Plain t-shirts or shirts with St. Joan of Arc’s logo on are acceptable.  T-shirts must have sleeves.

General PE Dress Guidelines:

1. All clothing and uniforms shall be clean and in good repair.

2. Students should bring clothes and uniforms for PE in a separate bag, which will hold the clothes for school during class, and will keep them separate from other student’s clothes.

3. Clothing worn should be comfortable for activity.

4. Any item containing advertisements for drugs, alcohol, rock groups, or which are objectionable, are not acceptable.

5. Shirts may not be tied or rubber banded at the shoulders or at the waistline. No attachments of any kind may be made to the shirt.  No cut-off clothing will be accepted.

6. The previous gym uniform will be acceptable attire for PE as long as it is the appropriate fit for the student.

7. Shorts may not be rolled at the waistline.

8. If a gym uniform is forgotten, the general dress code of the day is to be worn.