Our Foundation


Our foundation is rooted in faith, fellowship, and family. We believe that through these roots, we are able to nurture each student to develop the compassion and confidence needed to navigate our complex world. Our passion and priority is to provide a balanced moral and academic education which develops our students into future leaders. We this foundation, we strive to mirror the life and legacy of Jesus.



We are rooted in our Catholic faith. We all choose to be here first and foremost because we have a set of moral and spiritual beliefs we want to live by and in which to raise our children. Here are some of the ways we focus on faith:

  • Daily Prayer and Weekly Mass
  • Religious Education for all Students
  • Faith-based Activities and Service Projects
  • Sacramental Preparation and Celebrations
  • Special Liturgical Seasonal Observance



As people of faith, we understand that whether you do things in small or big ways, it all matters. Here are some of the small and big ways we model our fellowship as a community:

  • Community Garden—”Garden of Eat’n”
  • Charitable Giving and Volunteering
  • Parish and School Collaborations
  • Evolving Multiage Service Projects
  • Providing music for Sunday Mass



When you enter our doors at St. Joan of Arc, you are family. We believe that it is our responsibility to nurture each member of our family. There are several ways we live as “one bread, one body”:

  • Multiage Classroom Buddies
  • Sports and Clubs
  • Parent Volunteers
  • School Committees and Boards
  • Social Events and Engagement