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Pencil Preaching for Friday, October 22, 2021

West Virginia faith community to Joe Manchin: Listen to Pope Francis, support bold climate investments that benefit our state

Commentary: We, in West Virginia, are no strangers to the effects of climate change. We will have more of this severe weather that negatively impacts our economies if we ignore the need for immediate, strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our U.S. senator, Joe Manchin, is in a position to initiate that action.

NCR Live: Pope Francis' vision for the Synod of Bishops

NCR Live: A conversation about Pope Francis' vision for the 2021-23 Catholic Synod of Bishops with San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy and St. Joseph Sr. Katie Eiffe, director of synodal planning for the Diocese of Syracuse, New York. 

Panelists urge Catholics to discuss death penalty at parish level

During an online panel about the death penalty Oct. 19, panelists stressed how capital punishment goes against church teaching.

Kidnapping in Haiti prompts worries about other church workers' safety

Christian missionaries and family members, some as young as 8 months old, were still being held for ransom in Haiti. Other charities and religious groups examined how they can remain safe while delivering humanitarian aid.

With numbers growing in U.S., more Hispanics involved in church, community

All these census numbers align with a national program the Catholic Church has developed.

Texas urges Supreme Court to let state’s abortion law stand

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Texas state officials Oct. 21 urged the Supreme Court to leave the...

Ron’s Gone Wrong

NEW YORK (CNS) — The endearing animated comedy “Ron’s Gone Wrong” (20th Century) gets a...

The choice between happiness and reward: Blessed are the poor in spirit

Joan Chittister: Without poverty of spirit, simplicity of desire, or contentment with enoughness, there can be no awareness of the riches that come with simply being alive, of being loved and loving earth and all in return.

On Pope Francis, EWTN and cracking down on criticism

NCR Connections: Pope Francis made a thinly veiled criticism about EWTN. Why aren't more media professionals concerned about this? Perhaps because journalists are committed to the truth, and the pope speaks the truth about EWTN.