There are many Catholic grade schools in our area that we could send our children.  I even drive past another parish as I take our kids to school.  They are all great schools, but I think what makes SJOA unique is the feeling of family when you walk in the door.  Everyone really gets to know each other.  We parents hang out in the lobby together long after school has begun, our kids find their “best friends” here and eventually they even want to come back visit long after they have gone off to college because they know they will always be welcome.  There really is a sense of togetherness.  Parents truly get to know all the other kids throughout the school because we can volunteer as much as we want.  Because of this, we truly get to know all the kids, know the ins and outs of the classrooms and really know what our children do all day!  

Mrs. Linda Flint | Parent 


St. Joan of Arc isn’t just a school or church, it is a family.  I joined the SJOA family in 2000 when I started kindergarten.  My parents had looked at other private schools but after attending an open house here my mom knew that St. Joan of Arc was where I belonged and she couldn’t have been more right.  St. Joan of Arc has amazing staff and faculty who not only prepared me for high school, but cared about me as a person and wanted to see me grow.  They are the most approachable and friendly bunch of people you will ever meet.  They know everyone by name and take it upon themselves to make sure that everyone succeeds.  The class sizes here are unbeatable.  Because of the smaller size you are friends with literally everyone.  You all look out for and care about each other as you would your brothers and sisters.  The parents, guardians, and parish are our biggest cheerleaders; they are at every sporting event and fundraiser and look out for all the kids as if they were their own.   Even after I graduated in 2009, whenever I return (which is quite often) I am greeted with open arms, smiling faces and endless questions about how I have been, how college is going, and what my plans for the future are.  St. Joan of Arc School and Parish has given me so much.  It has given me a phenomenal education, lifelong friends, affirmation in my beliefs, and somewhere I know I can always call home.     

Megan Kneiser | Class of 2009


I love SJOA because even after I graduated I still feel a part of the family. The students feel like my little brothers and sisters (that I never had) and I love them and care for them so much.  I miss being at school practically every day. Oh and the teachers are very fun, funny, and cool (there's a difference)!

Callie Smith | Class of 2014


We have been at St. Joan of Arc for three years.  Our son and daughter both attend school there.   Our experience has been nothing short of wonderful.  Everyone from the principal, office staff, lunch staff, and other children not only know, but also genuinely care for my children.  The family like environment that St. Joan of Arc creates is indescribable, one must experience it to truly understand.  The students learn compassion, empathy, and strong morals from everyone around them, including each other.  All the teachers are truly amazing; their dedication to teaching and love for their students is evident in all that they do.  The education they have received has been exceptional.  As I was talking with my sister (who is a teacher in GA) about the frequent photographs, emails, and updates I receive from my children’s teachers, she said, you know your school is extraordinary.   Yes, it is. 

I often sit in church and reflect on where we are today.  I reflect on the path our faith has taken, the close friendships we have made, and how I am now at ease with sending my children to school.  We are truly blessed and grateful to have found St. Joan of Arc.

Mrs. Jessica Elliott | Parent


We love being a part of a welcoming community like St Joan of Arc that supports a Catholic education.  The class sizes foster a customized education and a lot of one on one support for the children.  The older students guide the younger and new students creating a comfortable atmosphere which enables better learning.  My boys love learning about Jesus and participating in mass.  They also are striving academically.  I feel they will be more than prepared when they graduate from St Joan of Arc.

Mrs. Mary Pat Skocir | Parent 


We had always wanted a Catholic education for our children.  However having a child with a hearing loss presents challenges that public schools are usually better equipped to handle.  So we thought... During middle school, it became clear that the large public school environment was not working for our child.  St. Joan of Arc was a peaceful five minute car ride away.  Every student had a smile on their face and a courteous demeanor with peers and adults.  Class sizes were small; giving each teacher the gift of time to address each child’s needs.   Mrs. Cerveny and the staff welcomed the public school audiologist.  They embraced the assistive technology our son uses with his hearing aid.  Our son was finally sleeping, smiling, eating and learning without fear or frustration.  His worst subject in public school became his best subject at St. Joan of Arc! Truly, the best part of our son’s St. Joan of Arc experience was attending Mass and learning his faith.  He has developed a passion for his faith.  Faith formation is part art, part science and part deeply held love for Jesus Christ.  St. Joan of Arc School has all three. 

Tracey Jones | Parent