PURPOSE:  The Council shall provide advice and guidance to the Pastor in the administration of parish assets.  The Council prepares the parish budget, any budgets for extraordinary expenditures, and reviews financial statements. The Council monitors the financial condition of the parish, the internal controls of the parish and the recommendations received as a result of regular financial reviews or audits. The Council reviews any indebtedness of the parish and assists the pastor in fulfilling his obligations relating to such debt.  The Council provides assistance in the formulation and communication of an annual financial report to the parish community.

The Council shall be the consultative body in all parish financial matters, except to the extent limited by church or civil law or archdiocesan policy/norms.

CONTACT: Steve Klima / EMAIL  /  262-560-0895

USUAL MEETING TIME: Second Tuesday of the month.  Check parish schedule for exact dates in that our Norms only require us to meet six times each year.  The exact month is determined during the fiscal year.

MEMBERS: The Council shall be comprised of six members, all of whom must be baptized, practicing Catholics, registered members of the parish, participants in the parish worship life, especially Mass and the sacraments, and at least 25 years of age. Members are selected because of their familiarity with financial matters and financial expertise.  The Council is advisory to the pastor who presides at all Council meetings. Two representatives who are members of St.Catherine of Alexandria shall be selected from the at-large membership of the Cluster Pastoral Council by the St. Catherine of Alexandria membership of the Council Pastoral Council. Three at-large members of the parish with accounting, financial, legal, banking, and/or administrative expertise shall be appointed by the pastor.  Due to their legal positions in the parish corporation, both trustees shall serve on the Council. The parish Business Administrator serves as a key resource to the Council. The term for at-large members shall be two years and shall be limited to two consecutive terms. The new members shall begin their terms after July 1 with the beginning of a new fiscal year.

YOUR PARTICIPATION: These meetings are usually closed. Periodically the Pastor will seek to nominate new members, based on their backgrounds in finance, law, business, or related fields.

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