Why is Christian Formation Important for my Children and our entire Family?

To help answer that question, we are bringing you the top reasons our St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Joan of Arc families say that Christian Formation programs are important to them.


“I want my child to have a strong relationship with God. “

 If we want our children to become good athletes, we sign them up for sports and encourage them to learn how to be a part of a team. If we want our children to know God through their Catholic Faith and participate in the Mass, we need to be present.

It is through community that we can truly build the city of God! The Christian Formation programs always begin with Mass. Fr. Mike is consistently teaching and drawing us closer to God and one another with his passion for Jesus and the Gospels.



 ”I want my family to have friends who share in our Catholic Faith journey.”

Friends play an important role in our lives and the lives of our children. They challenge us, question us, and influence our decisions. By giving our children an opportunity to discover and nurture friendships within our parishes, we are enabling them to journey towards a stronger faith, hand-in-hand.



  ”I want our family to be part of a strong Tradition and caring Community.”

Our Catholic Faith has its roots in Jesus! When Jesus was here, he gathered in community with others, often around the table. When we gather at Eucharist, it makes a difference when we know the other people in the pews. Participating in Christian Formation allows us to grow together as one strong, caring community.



 ”I can’t do this alone; it takes a Community!”

Vatican II tells us that, as parents, we are the first and foremost teachers in our children’s lives. It can be frightening to take on this responsibility alone, especially if we don’t feel as if we know enough, so our parish communities are here to help your family on your faith journey.