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One hallmark of a caring community is a praying community. In prayer, we can rejoice together with our members' prayers of thanksgiving. We can share our concern or sorrow with our members' prayers of petition in times of need or mourning. Recent requests for the community are shown below. There are two ways you can join in asking for prayers: 

OUR ONLINE PRAYER REQUEST FORM: CLICK HERE  Simply complete this form and we will add your prayer below. Only specifics you choose to share will appear. Rest assured we are one with you in prayer!

BOOK OF INTENTIONS AT WEEKEND MASS: If you would like the name of a loved one who is ill to be written in our Book of Intentions for the weekend let us know or write it in yourself when you join us for Mass.  Each weekend, our General Intercessions are read from this book.  We pray specifically at each weekend Mass for all the intentions and everyone named in our Book of Intentions

March 10, 2020

Along with all those for whom we are praying, we add…

For those facing surgery, including Autumn whose surgery is scheduled for March 16th

For those still experiencing health concerns, Bob Hultquist, Marion Kallas,

For all those who are undergoing chemotherapy including Dick Rose

For all those caretakers and medical personnel who are working with patients in need of care.

May the light of Christ shine  upon them. Amen




March 5, 2020

We continue to pray for all those who have been on our prayer network…for those who were called home to God, for those who continue to struggle and for those who have found remission and healing from their disease or condition…

Please add:

Lisa Dedinsky who is fighting a reoccurrence of breast cancer

An unnamed brother for a complete healing and speedy recovery

Katie H with overwhelming financial concerns

Bobby Rotenbuhel age 26 in an oilfield accident

Leah Buonauto suffering with TMJ

Kathryn, Lauren, and Tom R for a special intention

Bob Cancalosi  dealing with pain associated with his cancer

Stacey, a young woman who has had a stroke

Dennis Pelton as he recovers from major surgery

Rosemary L who had surgery today


For all those who have died.

Mary M and family who lost a brother and nephew within a week of each of other

Carol Lay whose son-in-law, Mike Miller died on 2-18-20

Jim Bukowsky who died from cancer

John Froelich, brother of Robin Johnson who recently died

Harvey Klotz father of John and Kim who funeral is this Friday at St. Catherine’s-see life notices on website

the victims of the Moson Coors shooting

the people of Nashville and all those impacted by natural disasters

                                              O Lord, we lift up all of these intentions into your tender care. Amen



Please pray …

for the family of Bob Frazier who died this past week.  He is the Uncle of Kristina Marada.

for Dennis Pelton  who is awaiting surgery at St. Luke’s. 

for PM, who is suffering with schizophrenia and severe depression and for her family

for Tammy Gasner as she continues with her chemotherapy for breast cancer

Please offer prayers of Thanksgiving…

For Tracey Markut, whose lesions from MS have all but disappeared

For Deacon Larry and Pope Francis as they celebrate another year of new life!  (Birthdays on Dec. 17th)

                                              Any thought turned to God is a prayer. St. Ignatius of Loyola


December 3, 2019

Please add to your prayers…

Rich who is no longer a candidate for heart surgery and now is in hospice care

Jessica Laine suffering with cervical cancer and now in end of life care

Chuck Sharkus , for his continued journey to full health

Jim Cinelli as he begins his journey with pancreatic cancer

For those directly affected by the shooting at Waukesha North High School, the students, faculty, parents, and police personnel,


In faith we trust that God hears our prayers, may we be able to embrace the answers God gives. Amen


November 25, 2019

Chuck Sharkus, who is out of  ICU but remains in the hospital

Rich, who is awaiting open heart surgery

For those who attended the Grieving through the Holidays workshop on Saturday 11/16

For those struggling with family issues, Judy, Ken,

All those suffering with cancer including Jim Cinelli, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, please include his wife Lisa their 5 children ages 14 to 24

All those undergoing  testing for cancer including  Dar Klenz

Pat Simon suffering from melanoma and currently undergoing chemotherapy.  Include her husband Phil and their children as they walk this journey with Pat.

Kathy, the cousin of Mary Merz who is critically ill

Those dealing with mental health issues 

May they find strength in God, the compassion of Jesus and the courage of the Spirit as they face all that is asked of them at this time, Amen


Remember those who have died…

Silvia Hodlewsky, the daughter of John and Mary Sokup, who lost her battle with cancer  

Please include her parents, husband and two young children at this difficult time.  Services are in pending in Colorado

Jerry Morrison, who died on Saturday after a battle with cancer, for Lynn and their children as they grieve his loss

Eileen (sister of Mary Ellen Counsel), Imogene Mozer, Louis Novak, Emma Mertens, Mark Beierwaltes (nephew of Fr. Chuck)


Grace McClees died November 22, 2019.  She had been struggling with health issues for the past few years.  She is survived by her loving husband John, their children Todd, Lori and John.

Her funeral is Saturday December 7, 2019 at St. Joan of Arc.  Visitation is starts at 11:00 AM with the Mass of Christian Burial at 1:00 PM.  More information is to follow.


Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in pace. Amen

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them

May they rest in peace  Amen.


October 25, 2019

Please pray for…

Don Graeffe, father of Amber Prahl, who is undergoing delicate spinal surgery on October 31st.

Emma Mertens the young girl from Hartland suffering with terminal cancer

Janet Dulan recovering from shoulder replacement

the friend  of Jean Gesvain who had part of her lung removed due to cancer

Bob Hultquist as he slowly recovers from pneumonia

Sam Siewert and Brooke Peterson being married today

All those in the RCIA process including Destiny, Sam, Tony, Jeremy, Brooke and Carmen 

May God grant them all they need at this time in their lives.  Amen


 October 18, 2019

Please add…

Marlene Kelly who broke her hip.  She has had surgery and is now in rehab.

Tim Pinter and Carol Vermillion who are in Angels Grace

Bob Hultquist recovering from pneumonia 

May the healing light of Christ shine upon them. Amen

For the families of  Doris and Le Roy Ingraham, Therese Repovsh, Mike Brooks and Helen Korth who died recently.  May they know of our continued love and support as the grieve the loss of their loved ones.



October 8, 2019

In true and humble faith we place before you all those who are in need of prayer including...

Charlotte Frederick, mother of Bill who broken her shoulder last Friday and is now being readmitted to the hospital with other medical concerns,

Pat Simon, undergoing a second round of chemo for lymphoma

Nancy Ridgewall, who is home recovering from major surgeries

Rita Warren, mother of Rob, who is being transferred to assisted living due to an increase in health issues

Helen Peterson, who suffered a mild stroke and is back home

For all those in the military service, Brett Markut, Derek Fennig, Brendan Kelleher


For all those who have died Doris Ingraham, whose Mass of Christian Burial is Wednesday, October 16th  at 5:30 PM at St. Joan of Arc.  Visitation is at 4:30 PM. More information to follow.

And Michael Brooks, who died Sunday October 6, 2019.  Funeral arrangements are pending. May they rest in peace.




Ellen Heitman

Pastoral Associate