One hallmark of a caring community is a praying community. In prayer, we can rejoice together with our members' prayers of thanksgiving. We can share our concern or sorrow with our members' prayers of petition in times of need or mourning. Recent requests for the community are shown below. There are two ways you can join in asking for prayers: 

OUR ONLINE PRAYER REQUEST FORM: CLICK HERE  Simply complete this form and we will add your prayer below. Only specifics you choose to share will appear. Rest assured we are one with you in prayer!

BOOK OF INTENTIONS AT WEEKEND MASS: If you would like the name of a loved one who is ill to be written in our Book of Intentions for the weekend let us know or write it in yourself when you join us for Mass.  Each weekend, our General Intercessions are read from this book.  We pray specifically at each weekend Mass for all the intentions and everyone named in our Book of Intentions.


The Cluster Parishes of St. Joan of Arc and Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Prayer Ministry JANUARY 2022


  • In grateful thanksgiving for Fr. Chuck Bierwaltes, for the blessing he has been to all of us for so many years, as he makes his transition to St. Clements Mission Community in Ligouri Missouri. May his days be filled with happy memories of St. Joan of Arc and St. Catherine of Alexandria parishes. May he know good health and peace.
  • In grateful thanksgiving for the safety and success of the WI international trip to Base Camp in Mount Everest.



Pray for the family and friends of:

  • Lois Bertrand, age 51 passed away December, 2021 Mother of Nate, Wyatt, Camille, Owen.
  • Greg Reamer, Age 53, nephew of Jean Boray, died of covid Christmas Eve, 2021
  • Ramona Zellner, Age 72  passed away December 14, 2021.
  • Liz – a friend of Mary and Terry Leaman, died Christmas Eve has been battling colon cancer.
  • Ted and Julie and all families who are spending the first holidays withour their loved ones.
  • Frank Jacubczak, age 84 passed away January 3, 2022  Father of Paul (Nina ) and grandfather of Nick
  • John Straka, passed away January 6, 2022 father of Patrick (Erika) and grandfather of Grant, Sean, Jane, Anne, and Kane 
  • For all those who have died violently, by weapon, or physical abuse, for all those who have died by the recent rash of gun violence in our Country. Including the 16 year old shot and killed in Milwaukee just working at her job.



  • Dorothy – went to visit her son and fell fractured her shoulder. In a lot of pain.
  • Margaret, suffered a severe fall, wearing a heavy neck brace.
  • Kim Marie-awaiting a liver transplant
  • Felix B- suffering from CoVid along with his parents, and priests of his parish
  • Barb – a bad fall, broke 11 ribs – healing slowly and is suffering from intense depression and anxiety.
  • Amy and her family – niece of Gail H . They are having a rough time with their son, Henry,  who has autism.
  • A parishioner of SC – her son is going through a lot and needs prayers.
  • Bill, struggling with liver failure. He is giving up on additional treatment. That he and his family find peace and know the closeness of God in what time he has left with us.
  • Jim and Rick, with back issues
  • Baby Henry-hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome -had one heart surgery and anticipating at least one more
  • Randy, facing two surgeries one in April and the second at the end of this year.
  • MaryAnn, has pneumonia
  • Laura and Nappy – recovering from surgeries
  • Gail, the sister in law of Terry Leaman, has alzheimers and struggling with the recent loss of her husband.
  • Makenna a 4 yr old, has covid, granddaughter of Mary and Terry Leaman – their son Chris has fever and cold symptoms
  • Kathy  prayers for relief of pain after her surgery, the surgery did not help as much as she thought – she is deciding if she wants more surgery.
  • Ron Sr. son in laws father, asking for prayers for relief of pain. Can’t walk
  • Kathy Leemon, has been sick for some time. Needs prayers 
  • Mary Jo W.: has been hospitalized out of state for 3 weeks – needs prayers
  • Roger M. Gerald C.Uncles of Cindy B – both actively dying…
  • Jim – who is in kidney failure. Unclear what the next steps will be for him. For wisdom and guidance.
  • Jake, 20 yr old–  has now gone to Mayo clinic again last week and they told him they can do nothing more for him. The tumor is inoperable. (We have been praying for him for a long time – please keep the prayers going. This is hard on him, and the family.)
  • Fan L.  20 yr old diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome – a rare autoimmune disorder.
  • Andy H., age 34 has a malignant brain tumor
  • Don, with multiple medical problems. Having a vascular procedure January 21st.
  • Gail has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • Kathleen- for health and healing from Lupus.
  • Alex H, Josh K, Robin H, Lucy G, Jenny, Rachel L and Judy H
  • Catherine, continued prayers for healing.
  • Don- who is at the King VA Hosp for veterans – he will never leave there, pray for him to find a measure of peace.
  • Rita and John K. continued healing from multiple medical issues.
  • Krissan, ongoing dialysis treatments. 



  •  Kyle, 27 yr old prayer that his drug rehabilitation is successful
  •  Emma G – (MJM) needs prayers for recovery from anxiety, depression and other issues
  •  Kobe - (MJM) was attacked when delivering food, he was stabbed with a knife 7 times in face and lungs, spleen. Suffering from PTSD and ongoing depression and anxiety issues.
  • An anonymous young parishioner who has been admitted to Rodgers for depression and recovery – he is in an extended stay program.  
  • Amy F., Bill S., Edie S., Pat J. who suffer from depression and for thie families.                                                          



(The first names of caregivers in need of prayers)

Marilyn C, Perkie, Ann, Judy, Gary, Marilyn, Kathy, Tracy, Cindy, Mary J, June, Mary H.



For Will C.  and all those who are in need of employment, and for those who are working more than one job to make ends meet.



  • Timmy – still going through Chemo treatments.
  • Tina,  has throat cancer
  • Cheryl, age 58,  suffering badly – cancer throughout her body, surgeries, infections.
  • David H., who has cancer
  • Phil, a 65 yr old cancerous tumor of the Neck, tonsils and thyroid.
  • Chuck, 65 yr old has bone marrow cancer. Continues with extensive chemo treatments. Not cureable but treatable.
  • Kevin struggling with stage 4 Neuroenoberine cancer in the small intestines, liver and spine.or John a 58 yr old cancer in his sinuses, will have an 8 hour surgery and then radiation
  • Jessica M., has cancer



  • The people of Boulder Colorado who have lost homes during the Marshall fire. For their safety, and for those grieving the loss of their homes and belongings.
  • Cheryl who is facing a divorce. Prayers for peace and understanding.
  • Mark, in Sudan helping through the United Nations to assist people from Military takeovers. For his safety
  • Brian, and his family to resolve family problems.


GLOBAL UNIVERSAL PRAYERS                                                                                                              

  • Pope Francis I and his papal duties and for his safety and prayers for his 2022 intentions for the month of JANUARY: For true human fraternity: For all those suffering from religious discriminization and persecution; may their own rights and dignity be recognized, which originate from being brothers and sisters in the human family.
  • The Felician Sisters intentions including S. Ellen Pollack and Sr. Bea Knipple and those who served at Villa St. Joseph in Oconomowoc, WI
  • For all of us in this New Year of 2022, that it may a blessing and that we may see an end to Covid.
  • We continue to pray for those who have abused and taken advantage of others. That they learn to recognize the symptoms of their deep sickness and find the help they so desperately need.
  • For those who suffer from addiction. That God give them the strength they need to overcome these addictions so that they can live life to its fullest.
  • We continue to pray for those who fall into the hands of human sex trafficking. That God protect the young girls and boys who are victims of these horrific crimes, and give strength and wisdom to the police and investigators to eradicate our world of this evil.
  • For PEACE and unity for people of every color who have been hurt by the SIN of racism. That we may one day come to the conclusion that indeed, we are ALL the created in the image of God.
  • For Police officers, First Responders, Firefighters, Doctor’s, nurses, healthcare workers, for their safety, and for their emotional care from all the grief and sorrow they witness each day and for the anxiety they face ith our overcrowded health care facilities and hospitals. In thanksgiving for their work and care for us.
  • For the President of the United States and for all who lead in Government.
  • That God bless them and give them wisdom to lead the people in peace.
  • For peace in our world, in our Country, our State, our cities and villages, that God will turn hearts from hatred and violence, war and terrorism to peace and understanding, and learn to love, as God loves us.
  • For the poor and the hungry and those who are homeless in this world and in our own community.
  • For respect for ALL life from conception to natural death, for a greater awareness of protecting and defending all of God’s people – for an end to judging one another, for an end to the sword of gossip, and for a greater fervor for care and concern for our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • For the men and women who serve in the armed forces.
  • For safety for all travelers and the visually impaired.
  • For all the prayers written in the book of intentions for St. Catherine’s and at St. Joan’s  and for everyone all over the world in need of prayer.


Hear these prayers we ask today and grant them all through your most holy will. Amen +