One hallmark of a caring community is a praying community. In prayer, we can rejoice together with our members' prayers of thanksgiving. We can share our concern or sorrow with our members' prayers of petition in times of need or mourning. Recent requests for the community are shown below. There are two ways you can join in asking for prayers: 

OUR ONLINE PRAYER REQUEST FORM: CLICK HERE  Simply complete this form and we will add your prayer below. Only specifics you choose to share will appear. Rest assured we are one with you in prayer!

BOOK OF INTENTIONS AT WEEKEND MASS: If you would like the name of a loved one who is ill to be written in our Book of Intentions for the weekend let us know or write it in yourself when you join us for Mass.  Each weekend, our General Intercessions are read from this book.  We pray specifically at each weekend Mass for all the intentions and everyone named in our Book of Intentions.


May 15, 2021

We pray for Marilyn Schermitzler who suffered a heart attack early this morning.

Heavenly Father, may the healing light of your Son, Jesus Christ surround her. Amen.


May 8, 2021

We have been asked to pray for a young parishioner who is undergoing medical testing for a suspicious mass on his kidney.  Please keep his mom and dad in your prayers as well as they anxiously await the results of the testing.

 We are also asked to pray for another parishioner who struggling with a chronic medical situation and is looking for some type of treatment that will help.

 May our loving God be with them at this time and give them strength to handle the whatever is ahead for both of them. Amen


There are many needs that people are asking us to pray for…

- Please offer prayers of thanksgiving for all those who have celebrated the birth or adoption of a new child

including Mikaela and Mike Ressman and their new baby daughter Lennon Michelle

- For all those who have car accidents but have survived including Gary, Ryan H.

- For all those who have found gainful employment including  Sawyer, Erin,

- For all those recovering from serious illnesses/surgery including Fr. Mike, Bob,

Please add those in need of prayer due to medical conditions including Donna S. (heart) Bill, Bob (brain surgery), Jake, Matthew (skiing accident), Sue Kaul (CoVid), Jane B (kidney)Nancy, Barb Johnson, Richard Kathy, Jim J., Grace T., Albert and Charlotte, Steve Porter (brother of Patty) with a mass on his brain, John Griffin, now in assisted living due to medical needs, Steve J.,

For all  diagnosed with cancer Lee Pauli, Les R., Rick Spizer, Rich Willert, Catherine, Ken, Ann, Edie H.,

A 16 year old young man who has lost 60 lbs. in a short time and is undergoing medical tests to determine the cause. 

For all who have died, Mark Becker, Chris Dahl, Brenda Escobia, David Hess, Bob Sachse, Joyce Grawronski, Pattie Klein, Robert Felder.  May their souls and the souls of al the faithful departed rest in peace.  Amen


Even When

Even when I pray

And heaven is silent.

I will trust God.

Even When  torturing pain

Keeps my eyes from sleep,

I will trust God.

Even when the future looks dark

And fears threaten my peace,

I will trust God.

God is my refuge, a shelter,

A cleft in the rock where I safely stay.

Even when…

By Jewel Johnson