Rooted in Faith


One hallmark of a caring community is a praying community. In prayer, we can rejoice together with our members' prayers of thanksgiving. We can share our concern or sorrow with our members' prayers of petition in times of need or mourning. Recent requests for the community are shown below. There are two ways you can join in asking for prayers: 

OUR ONLINE PRAYER REQUEST FORM: CLICK HERE  Simply complete this form and we will add your prayer below. Only specifics you choose to share will appear. Rest assured we are one with you in prayer!

BOOK OF INTENTIONS AT WEEKEND MASS: If you would like the name of a loved one who is ill to be written in our Book of Intentions for the weekend let us know or write it in yourself when you join us for Mass.  Each weekend, our General Intercessions are read from this book.  We pray specifically at each weekend Mass for all the intentions and everyone named in our Book of Intentions.


February 23 & 24, 2021

Good and Gracious God, with a grateful heart, we thank you for all the blessings and joys of this day.

We place before you the needs of your children…

For Lee Pauli, hospitalized with cardiac issues

For Tom (friend of Rob and Colleen) dealing with cancer

Dave S. recovering from an angioplasty

For all those suffering with mental health issues

Heldi K. the sister of one of our parishioners, who fighting breast cancer.

For all who are hospitalized…

Rosemary S. a friend of Mary Miller suffering with cancer

Marge Brunner, our parishioner at St. Catherine’s who has pneumonia

Charmaine, a cousin of the May and Collins families

For all those who have died;

Connie Krueger, Mary Lynn Neureuther and Logan R. (who died suddenly at the age of 20).  For their family and friends who grieve their loss.  May their faith sustain them at this difficult time and their memories of their loved ones bring them comfort.

Barbara Ode, the sister of Marge Cramer former Christian Formation Director at St. Jerome’s.Her Mass of christian Burial is this Saturday, February 27th at 1 pm at St. Jerome’s.  Please keep Barbara and her entire family and many friends in prayer at this time.

May all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen


February 14, 2021

Yesterday, there was an urgent request for prayer for the Hicks family.  We learned late yesterday that Spencer Hicks died suddenly at home.  His wife Jean was with him at the time.  Please keep Jean and the entire family in prayer at this most difficult and challenging time.   Funeral arrangements are pending and we will update Prayer Network once we know the details.

May perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace.  Amen.


We offer prayers of thanksgiving for all those who are now healed from CoVid 19 and any other disease of aliments including KMK, who has just completed her radiation treatment and has been given very positive prognosis.

Please pray for …

  • “Little Charlie”  a young child with a rare form of cancer and must undergo an aggressive treatment regime to save his  life.  Please keep his parents and all family and friends in prayer as well.
  • Katie suffering with breast cancer.
  • Nicole suffering with multiple health issues due to an auto immune disease
  • Bob R. (brother of Pattie Nolan) for successful treatment of an aggressive form of cancer
  • Lucia Isone and all who struggle with CoVid 19
  • Lorraine Chavez for healing physically and emotionally.
  • Steve and Jackie for their health issues and spiritual struggles

We ask that God grant to  all their medical teams and caregivers the knowledge and wisdom of their professions as they use their God-given talents to work on their behalf.

  • For all our young people who are struggling with life issues and for their parents who love and guide them.
  • For all those who are dealing with difficult relationships at this time God knows who they are and we pray they be given all that they need to heal their relationships.

O loving and merciful God,  So many of your children throughout the world are experiencing the effects of  brokenness, division and evil in our lives like they have never experienced before.  Bring them and all your children hope, comfort, strength and peace.



February 4 & 5, 2021

We give thanks that “each one of you is a blessing to each other”( Romans 1:12) for your dedication to this prayer ministry.

Please pray for  Mary McLoone who died yesterday.  Mary  is the mother of Maureen Slattery/  Maureen is the RCIA Assistant for the cluster parishes. Mary died at the age of 91 and was still living on her own.  She was active in our Bible Study as well as other activities at her parish of St. Charles.  Her Mass of Christian Burial is Thursday, February 11th  at St. Charles in Hartland.  Please keep the entire McLoone family in prayer.  May perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace. Amen

Please add to your prayers…

Jeanne Elliott who is actively dying

John Mc Lees who is critically ill with lung issues

John who is suffering with cancer

Dawn who is struggling with an health issue and is searching for a diagnosis

For the LJR family dealing with relationship issues


All those suffering with any form of mental illness including a new mom, Caroline

All those recently diagnosed with cancer including Diane, a friend of one of our parishioners


For the repose of the soul of Ed Kester, uncle of Bill Frederick, Pastoral Associate at St. Catherine’s.  Ed’s Mass of Christian Burial is Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021 at St. Jerome’s.  For more information please go to Obituary  (you will be redirected to another website)

Gracious God,

In faith we trust that you hear our prayers and answer them according to your Divine plan.

May we have the strength and grace to make this journey with you.



We continue to pray for …

all those recovering from surgery and other medical procedures including Kathy S., Steve J.,

all those recovering from CoVid 19 and other medical conditions

all who are dying including Fr. Herbert Schubert, a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee


With sadness, the cluster parishes announce the death of several parishioners.

Emily Matusin, who died on January 25 at the age of 97.  Emily and her family have been members of  St. Joan of Arc going back to when the church building was located in Okauchee.  She very active in numerous church organizations and activities throughout the years.  She is survived by her sons Dennis, Gary and daughter Marilyn Schmidt, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Her Mass of Christian Burial was on Saturday, January 30 at St. Joan of Arc

Raymond Laszkiewicz, who died on January 30th at the age of 93.  He is survived by his wife of 70 years Valeria, 4 children,          12 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.  His brother Paul is a member of St. Joan of Arc.  Ray’s Mass of Christian Burial was February 3, 2021.  His nephew Fr. Aaron Laskiewicz was the presider.

  We also announce the death of

Nora Lee, the grandmother of Jenny Mentzer of St. Catherine. Nora had been a part of our prayer network and died peacefully on February 1. Funeral plans are pending.

Delores Winkels, the mother of Mary Gross,  who is a teacher at St. Joan of Arc School. Delores was a longtime resident of Oconomowoc before returning to her hometown of Hiles, WI.  Delores was one of 16 children and was very active in the churches she attended including St. Jerome’s  in Oconomowoc.  Her Mass of Christian Burial is Wednesday, February 10 in Crandon WI.  Online condolences may be directed to

In faith we offer all these intentions and trust that you hear and answer our prayers.  May all those who have died be welcomed into the heavenly kingdom.  May they rest in peace, love and joy in God’s kingdom. Amen


January 28, 2021

Pray for a young mom with a serious eye condition.

Please join the cluster parishes in offering our sympathies to…

The family of Marlehna Lehmann:  Marlehna is the young woman from our community who was tragically killed in a car accident on Monday. Please keep her parents Mike and Margo and sister Mady, her entire family and many friends in our prayers.

Sandra (Patrick) Smith on the loss of her father Gabriel, who died last week due to complications from a heart procedure.  His Mass of Christian Burial will take place in Sandra’s native Columbia.  Please keep her and her entire family in prayer.

Paul (Lisa) Fix on the loss of his father, Lawrence Fix.  His Mass of Christian Burial is Friday 1/29/21 at St. Agnes in Butler, WI.  Please keep Paul and his entire family in prayer.

In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly place in your hands, O loving, God our brothers Gabriel and Lawrence. Bring comfort and peace to their grieving families and friends at this time. 

      Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord.

          And let perpetual light shine upon them.

                 May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed

                       through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen


January 23, 2021

Prayers of thanksgiving for all the blessing we have…including the miraculous improvement of Josh Johnson

Please pray for…

All those suffering with CoVid and those who will die today from any kind of disease or violence.

All those recovering from CoVid especially the staff members of our cluster and Pamela, daughter of Jane B who is also awaiting a kidney transplant

All those who are expecting and for the dignity of all human life from womb to tomb

All those who remain in isolation due to the pandemic especially the frail elderly and anyone who has a comprised condition including Nora Lee, grandmother of Jenny M., Pattie D., Dave S., Bob A., Paul’s 89 year old mother,

All those preparing for surgery including Steve D., Mike M., Steve J., Merrill, Loraine

All those battling cancer Paul, Dick Rose, Lawrence Fix,

For all struggling with mental health issues DLBK, JCOG,

For all those who are recovering from surgery including Fr. John Yockey and Aaron

For all of these intentions

For all those who have died including Fr. Thomas Brundage, Pastor of St. Jerome Catholic Church in Oconomowoc and for the parish community of St. Jerome’s. His Mass of  Christian Burial is tomorrow.  Please see the Church’s website for further information.

May Fr. Tom and all the faithfully departed Rest in Peace. Amen