The Sacrament of Penance (or Sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession) is for spiritual healing. Catholics believe Jesus left the Sacrament of Penance because only God’s grace can heal a wounded soul. Penance helps Catholics atone for sins they’ve committed.

At our parishes, Reconciliation is offered on the 1st and 4th Saturdays of the month at 4 pm at the parish hosting Saturday evening liturgy or by appointment.

The manner in which this sacrament is done has developed over time, but the basics have always remained:

  • Confession: You confess all known to a priest.

  • Contrition: You must be sorry you committed the sins and resolve to do your best not to repeat them.

  • Penance: After you confess your sins, the priest gives you a penance to perform.

  • Absolution: The priest hearing your confession offers forgiveness, saying a prayer that calls on God to give you absolution and peace.