Baptism of Children

The sacrament of Baptism celebrates the very essence of our Christian faith: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It initiates one into the Body of Christ, the parish faith community. Since the parent(s)’ decision the bring their children into the Church entails the important responsibility of raising their children in the faith, our parishes hold the following policy to ensure that parents have an understanding of the commitment they are undertaking: 

  • At least one parent of the child(ren) to be Baptized must be registered and be participating members of one of our parishes. They should worship with the community on a regular basis. They should also exercise responsible stewardship of their time, talent and treasure in witness to Jesus Christ and service to our community.
  • The parent(s) are required to attend one session of preparation. This session will be concerned with the Rite itself and the role of the family in nurturing the Catholic faith and Catholic teachings on Baptism. Parents are also required to meet with the Pastor prior to the Baptism session and are encouraged to attend this session before the birth of their child if at all possible
  • Once the registration for Baptism is completed and the parents attend the baptismal prep session, a date from the parish calendar is selected for the child's baptism.  All Baptisms are celebrated during a weekend Mass.


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