Rooted in Faith



CYM Information 

As part of our comprehensive approach to youth ministry, CYM sports programs are offered at St Joan of Arc and St Catherine. 

These activities are intended to:

  • Spread our faith by competing like Jesus and his disciples
  • Foster personal and spiritual growth
  • Emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Build community and teach the importance of authentic friendship

A Message from CYM Director, Steve Manne:

"Hello my name is Steve Manne, coordinator of CYM athletics at St Joan of Arc and St Catherine.  With the help of many volunteers we’ve been building a high school basketball program, founded in faith, since 2013. Both basketball and volleyball are available for all students enrolled in Christian Formation. These programs are an incredible way for our young people to build friendships, continue participation in competitive sports, and do so in a fun and faith based environment."       

Contact Info: Steve Manne: 262-490-0890 Email: [email protected]